Bay & Bow

Bay Bow Window Replacement & Installation

  • Add style to the exterior of your home
  • Offer a larger viewing area than most windows provide
  • Slimline reinforced mullion design for superior strength

Bay Bow Window Replacement & Installation Cost

Before talking about bow window replacement let’s talk about bow windows first. A bow window is also known as a bay window or compass window that forms a rounded appearance and is curved in shape. Bow windows are specifically designed to create space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of the building; it also provides a wider view of the outdoor or the view which is in-front of it. It typically has four or more casement windows which are combined together to form am arch.

Bow window or (bay window or compass window) is a classic option that you can consider if you are planning to design or replace any of the windows of your house.

When you have a bay or bow window in your house, it instantly brings the attention of people and becomes a focal point of your entire house. It is a part of great interior design. It fills up your room with the views of the landscape patches outside your room or house that is reflected in its angled panes.

This type of window is extremely helpful in transforming both the interiors and the exteriors of the home in a beautiful manner. These windows are very effective in letting in more light to enter since they are having more glass panes than other windows.

  • If you want to make your room feel brighter and a lot bigger, you can go for bow window replacement.
  • If you want to capture dramatic views from the inside of your house and want to enjoy the whole outdoors and surroundings, you can get bow window replacement.
  • If you really want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, it can be achieved by bow window replacement. Looking for something to add visual treat within your room, get your bow window replacement.
  • If you want to get an extra storage space or shelving space to any room of your house, if you really want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, it can be achieved by bow window replacement will help you in getting that extra space inside your house.

If your bow window needs replacement, we at Shore Windows help you with bow window replacement. Contact us to know Bow window cost.

Our bow window replacement offers you with the best services. Our bows are available for all the houses in casement configurations that open on the outside and lets you enjoy the naturally available light from the sun and also let you breathe the fresh air coming from the outdoors in the indoors of your house.

Our bow window replacement would provide you with an addition of the space in your room without actually changing the footprint of the house.

Feature of our bow window replacement

Our bow window replacement is an excellent

Our bow window replacement has the options for four 4- lite bow (4 panes of angled glass), five 5- lite bow (5 panes of angled glass), or six ( 6 panes of angled glass)  assemblies for the casement windows.

We also let you choose between different options in the wood like standard pie, or with the optional oak head and seat boards and that is insulated for the extra added comfort.

Our bow window replacement is custom made as per the requirements and needs of the clients. And bow window replacement helps in bringing a beautiful change to your house and makes a very beautiful difference to your place.

Our bow window replacement is really helpful in keeping the cold air and the drafts outside the house and without even disturbing the view.

These windows are also really versatile, and they can also be used as a replacement in most of the large window openings.

Let us see what the color options available in the bow window replacement are:

When it comes to the color, you can complement or match the colors that a reused in your home with the options that our window color offers to you.

These are available in white ( for both interior and exterior ), canvas ( for both interior and exterior ), pine ( for interior only), maple ( for interior only), oak ( for interior only), sandstone ( for both interior and exterior ). Terratone ( for both interior and exterior ), dark bronze ( for both interior and exterior ), cocoa bean ( for exterior only), forest green ( for exterior only), red rock ( for exterior only), black ( for both interior and exterior ).

  • Bow window styles
In bow window replacement, the possibilities of design are endless. You can choose from the double-hung, casement, picture, awning, or a lot of other combinations of window styles for your new bow or bay windows.
  • Glass option for bow window replacement

There are glass options in bow window replacement, and each one offers unique benefits for cooling, heating visible light transfer, and ultraviolet protection (UV). You can choose the above solutions available for a glass of bow window replacement as per the climatic conditions of your surroundings, the architectural design of your house, and even the orientation of the windows of your house to the sun.

  • High-performance Low- E4 glass- it is 45% more energy efficient in the winters. It is 56% efficient in the summers. It helps in blocking 84% of UV rays that damage your curtains, drapes, art pieces, or even the furniture of your house.
  • High-performance, low E4 smart sunglass- this high-performance glass is known to be the most energy-efficient glass option, with the highest efficiency rating in cool weather conditions and is great for hot climates. it is 45% more energy efficient in the winters. It is 70% efficient in the summers. It helps in blocking 95% of UV rays that damage your curtains, drapes, art pieces, or even the furniture of your house.
  • High performance low E4 sunglass- this high-performance glass option is the highest rated against the solar heat gain that comes through the windows that help in keeping the home cooler in warm weather conditions.

There are patterns available in the glass. The options are an obscure pattern, cascade pattern, reed pattern, and fern pattern.


The options for griller patterns in bow window replacement are- colonial griller patterns, farmhouse grille patterns, modified prairie farmhouse grille patterns, prairie farmhouse grille patterns. Even there are grille types for the bow window replacement. You can choose from options like-  full divides light grilles, between the glass type, interior wood grilles.

So, there are a lot of things in bow window replacement that needs to be taken care of.

  • We at shore windows helps you get the desired finishes installation with our best products and the experts.
  • Our experts come for the in-house consultation to get to know the needs of the client whose home is going to be the next project for our team for bow window replacement. We try to create a plan in advance that can help you in identifying energy efficiency and in enhancing the aesthetics of your house.
  • The next step after the consultation is to take the measurements and to manufacture.
  • Our professionals take the measurements and make sure that the taken measurements are accurate and have no scope for any mistake with it. Then the required product is being manufactured and fully customized as per your needs and requirements.
  • After the order is made as per the costumed size and measurements for the project of our client as per the specifications, we send our installers at you home from our office to carry the work, our experts are the best as once the assembling is done, they will make sure that the house is left as it was received or even in a better condition. Customer satisfaction is taken care of.
  • Our products for bow window costalso comes with the limited warranty that too backed by a commitment to ensuring the window functions properly after the installation, and the customer gets nothing to worry about once we have done the job for you. In case there are some faults and issues in the functioning, we at shore windows provide you with the option to get a free in house check as per the client’s request.

Why choose us for bow window replacement?

We are the best bow window replacement company. Our team is very professional and friendly. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We have been in the industry for the last few decades to help you with the bow window cost replacement services.

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