Entry Doors

Entry Doors

Entry DoorsThe entry door – or as many people call it, the front door – of a house is not simply a door that provides protection or safety from a vast number of things, like intruders and thieves, and even people – they are an accessory that helps in giving the home a rich look. Front entry doors serve a twin purpose in most cases – they provide entry to people and they also provide first impressions to people. How so? Very easy. For a part where they provide first impressions, entry doors set people up to expect something from the interiors of your house. In a sense, they give your guests an idea of what lays ahead and inside the house. This can either increase their curiosity and excitement about your house or totally put them off.

Significant pointers about the things that front entry doors NJ provide a house with are –

  • They display your personal style and personality in the sense that they work with the rest of your house architecture. Apart from this, exterior doors NJ replacement glass inserts can often work as a contrast to the rest of the house or even the neighbourhood.
  • As the door is the focal point of your home, it helps in increasing the overall value of your property and increase its appeal. This helps in making the rest of the features of the home stand out in proximity.
  • The front entry doors also serve in keeping people – especially intruders – out of the house. This helps in providing extra security and solidity. Because the front entry door remains the first point of entry for any home intruder, a sturdy and strong front entry door will actually act as a hindrance in their evil plans which will not be possible if the front door is old or flimsy.

Hence, entry door replacement is often the most important aspect to be considered when looking for any type of repair or replacement regarding the house. But one also has to keep in mind the cost – the entry doors NJ replacement cost. However, fret not! For all your woes relating to entry doors NJ installation, Shore Windows provide you with services for entry doors NJ replacement. Shore Windows looks after the hassle of entry door repair so you do not have to run a search for entry door repair near me.

At Shore Windows, you have a variety of options to choose from and customize the way your entry door looks so that it complementing the outlook of your house – both, externally and internally. In the services provided, Shore Windows dutifully try to fulfill the wishes of their clients in any type of entry door replacement required be it entry door window replacement, entry door threshold replacement and even front door replacement lowes. By teaming up with Therma Tru, Shore Windows aims to provide top-quality windows and doors NJ services to your home. Certain important specifications about the services and quality as well as features about the front doors are given below –

Collection and Glass Styles

In order to customize how your front door looks, Shore Windows and ThermaTru offers you options to choose from for the entry door repair as well as entry door replacement glass frames.

1.  Wellesley

Entry Doors Collections & Glass Styles

Under this, you can get an opportunity to choose from 4 different types of door choices for your next entry door replacement or repair. The main door is wooden with glass panels fitted at the top of the door or the bottom of the door or even for the entire door but only running through the middle of it from one end to another. For the entry door replacement glass frame, the panels can be chosen from the options to customize the size and shapes. These panels are offered in rectangular shape – either at the top or the bottom and sometimes even the entire length – or a shape that is oval at the top but has fine edges at the bottom. For the sides, there are graceful glass panels available under this category. These doors can be found classified under 3 different types of collections which are the Mahogany Collection, Oak Collection, and the Smooth-Star.

2. Crystal Diamonds

Entry Doors Collections & Glass Styles
Entry Doors Collections & Glass Styles

The entry door repair services can also be found under this category of door provider. Once again, the doors can be found for various types of collections under the Mahogany Collection, Oak Collection, and the Simple-Star collection. Under this category, the entry door replacement glass inserts are of three major shapes – oval, toward the upper end of the door; a combination of oval and rectangular shape in the middle of the door and; a rectangular shape through the length of the door leaving out a few inches. In this category too, side glass panels can be added to your door.

3. Concorde

Entry Doors Collections & Glass Styles

Under this choice for your entry door repair, you have the option to choose from even a wider variety of products which are divided into various types because of the finish and design of the glass panels installed in the doors. You have the option of choosing for your entry door replacement glass inserts from oval or rectangular shapes in the top or the bottom half of the door. The option is also for choosing between a single glass panel or a double glass panel in the same door, depending upon the panel being installed. Also available three different choices for side glass panels for the entry door repair services. As usual, these doors are available under three very different and elegant collections – Mahogany Collection, Oak Collection, and the Simple-Star Collection.

The multitude of options provided by Shore Windows also ensure a minimized front door replacement cost.


Shore Windows understand that undergoing an entry door frame replacement or even an entry door replacement (steel) means that you will look to invest in the best type of hardware and other functionalities of the door. Hence, it is always our aim to offer you a wide variety of options to choose from and this is exactly what we want to represent through our services and our joined effort with ThermaThru to provide you with the best of entry door repair work on this very central thought.


Entry Doors Hardware Options Finishes

The finishes are available for the matter of the door as they are one of the final touches in making a door complement your house. The finish is also important because it can make your house look either mesmerizing or make it blend with just one look. Hence, services provided by Shore Windows for entry door repair always keep this in mind and offer you options to customize the finishes in order to make your entry door the highlight of your house. These finishes also help in ensuring that the entry door holds its luster and stays strong so that you do not have to take the hassle of searching ‘entry door repair service near me’ again and again. The available finishes are –

  • Polished Brass which is a great finish to ensuring that your front door looks shiny and golden – a great option to consider if you’re looking to have your front door has a coating that does not tarnish soon.
  • Antique Brass is another option to consider if you are looking for limited maintenance and want a finish that gives your door an antique as well as a vintage look
  • Satin Nickel is the type of finish you would want to go for if you are aiming at something that looks soft, silky but also modern with a brushed finish. This is a warmer option and will do justice to your entry door as it is very easy to match with other pieces of furniture or even the entire architecture.
  • Aged Bronze is the option to keep in mind when choosing the finish for entry door repair or entry door replacement with Shore Windows if in the care you want a durable finish with an added touch of a vintage feeling. Bronze is a corrosion-resistant material that is great to be used in areas where there are a lot of rains and other showers. Owing to this finish, your door will look like it is sleek black with a hint of copper.

Locks and Handles for the door

The locks and handles provided by Shore Windows under entry door repair services can be chosen from the following sets –


Entry Doors Hardware Handlesets

The handle set offered by Shore Windows under the service for repair and replacement of entry doors is has a golden colored finish. It has an added feeling of vintage architecture as it is different in comparison to the usual front door handle sets. The one utilized by Shore Windows has an added curve in it so as to help with the ease of opening the door and locking or unlocking it easily. The lock for the door, under this handle set, is located at the top of the handle and is made to be sturdy and thick in order to ensure maximum security.


Entry Doors Hardware Leversets

The lockset under provided by Shore Windows is of two colors – Silver and Gold. The lever sets allow for the door to be opened from both the interior of the house as well as the exterior of the house. The lever sets installed by Shore Windows are equipped with locks that have been made keeping in mind the aim of maximizing the security for the house.


Entry Doors Hardware Locksets

The locksets are also available in two different colors. There are locksets that have a Golden finish and locksets having a finish which is more of a Bronze-Copper mix. They can be locked unlocked with the help of a key.


Entry Doors Hardware Deadbolts

The deadbolts have the availability in two different options – a single thumb key and a double key. The former has a turnable knot while the latter has a lock that uses a key.


Shore Windows also give their clients the option of choosing from various colors for their doors. The colors can be applied to any door from any of the three collections – Mahogany Collection, Oak Collection, and even Smooth-Star. The clients have an opportunity to choose from a large palette of color choices ranging from various shades of white to those of red, black and even colors that will give the front door a stainless-steel finish.

Entry Doors Paint & Stain Options
NOTE: Colors may vary from an actual application due to fluctuations in staining or the settings of your screen.


Shore Windows pay special attention to the clad door jambs for your entry door repair or even the front entry doors NJ replacement services. All the door collections have jambs installed in them which are in an aluminum roll form and are, additionally, coated with vinyl to make them have a long life without chipping, peeling or even cracking. This will help you save yourself from the worry of looking for ‘entry door repair services near me’ again and again. Also, this is responsible for protecting the jambs located on the exterior of the door from unfavorable weather conditions, again, adding to their overall lifeline and longevity.

In addition to all these details mentioned above, Shore Windows also deal with front entry doors NJ replacement sidelights. Shore Windows and our services are always upholding the highest quality of standard and always warrant our clients a quality service unlike any other – a factor contributing to our growing prowess in the Jersey Coats area. The services offered by Shore Windows are really economical and made so, keeping in mind that our services should not aim to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. Hence, the replacement cost of entry doors NJ or windows and doors NJ that comes by using services provided by Shore Windows is bound to work well for your budget. Even if you are indulging in just a frame replacement, the front door frame replacement cost is guaranteed to under your budget with a high-quality service.

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