Garden Windows

  • Versatile and built for a beautiful appearance
  • Allow additional light and fresh air into any room
  • Utilize shelf space to hold flowers, display vases and more

Garden Windows

Garden WindowsThere are many ways to upgrade the look of your home but one of the most successful ways is the addition of a garden window to your abode. Garden windows give regular a new twist – they enable you to add a dash of style to your home as they let equip you with spaces to put green plants and pots. Not only this function is an added accessory to your home, but it also provides a way to regulate the air inside the house as you can keep plants and pots in these windows. They are a great way to install your favorite organic décor in your home without minimizing the space taken up by your other furniture. The garden windows also provide a better peripheral view of your yard or even the outside of your house to you. These types of windows are also a great investment if you want more sunlight to infiltrate your home which is great for making tasks enjoyable as well as ensuring that a room has enough light during daytime – a great way to save up on your electricity bill.

If you are looking to invest in the installation of new garden windows, repair or complete replacement of your old garden windows, fret not! Shore Windows has you covered. Being the leading service provider in garden window repair as well as garden window replacement, Shore Windows provides you with a multitude of facilities under one roof. Shore Windows ensure that the windows installed to complement the architecture of your house. The sashes and mainframes used by Shore Windows are a display of the high quality and standard we like to uphold with our products and services. Another point adding to this is the fact when undergoing services for garden window repair or garden window replacement, Shore Windows work with an aim of not replacing your old windows or repairing the broken parts of them but also upgrading your windows to the best choice available for them. This is made possible with Shore Windows garden windows which have upgraded in the glass panel, security, strength, and well as in color coordinating it with the rest of the architecture of your house. Apart from these, services provided by Shore Windows are economical as well as the best quality which warrants that garden window installation cost or the garden window replacement cost.

Shore Windows garden window repair has the following significant aspects.

  1. Features
  • The frames installed in the windows are virgin PVC vinyl which has been fully welded for further strength, rigidity as well as sturdiness
  • The seat board and head used in these windows is 1-1/4” plywood especially great for thermal efficiency
  • These windows are equipped with glass that is guaranteeing year-round protection from all types of weather as it is 1″ and insulating, thus, helping you avoid garden window glass repair for a very long time.
  • The locking system is a multi-point one, thus, providing a security upgrade from your previous windows.
  • The side vents with which the windows are equipped are a great way to invite light into your home on balmy and sunny days.
  1. Technicalities
  • The windows have a multi-channel design that helps in an added insulation between different window units
  • The energy efficiency of the windows is increased with the help of frames and sashes that are extruded as a result of which you will not need to invest in garden window replacement parts again and again.
  • The windows are made up of sashes that made of vinyl which ensures that they do not chip, peel or crack quickly after getting installed. In addition to that, these windows are coated with PVC Powder which further helps in retaining the luster and color of the windows for a long time.
  • The 1-1/4″ is the veneer is utilized in the construction of parts like jambs, head, and even the seat boards.
  • The windows also augment energy saving as they have the option of 3” seat board which is pre-insulated.
  • Oak and Birch veneer is used as the finishers in each of the windows which makes sure that the windows are always prepared to be painted any moment with whatever color you would want them to pain in.
  • A cable-hanging system is installed in the windows which are adjustable and turn-buckle helping in ensuring that even after undertaking garden window repair, there is no chance of sagging or bowing and also to eliminate the need for added external braces.
  • Extra strength is ensured to added components by a mullion design reinforced by a slimline.
  • The longevity of the windows is maximized with the help of a spacer edge system installed in the windows.
  1. Additional Options 
  • The option of using half or even full fiberglass screens helps in keeping the insects out while not compromising on ventilation as a result of which garden window pane replacement helps in upgrading your windows.
  • The garden windows provided by Shore Windows are available in two colors which are beige and white which have the option of choosing cherry woodgrain, light or dark oak for finishing the interior with style.
  • The interior surface of the window will have a laminated surface. This will further be color-coordinated and will allow for ease as well as convenience of maintenance.

Thus, the garden window repair services provided by Shore Windows help in keeping your house looking elegant as well as graceful. In addition to this, Shore Windows also ensure that when undertaking garden window replacement in order to replace your old windows and install a new one in its place, we add to the value of your property. We help you in ensuring that through our services of garden window repair, Shore Windows can provide your house with a place where you can create colorful and pulchritudinous displays of a variety of plants.Think Shore Windows garden window repair services are what your house is looking for? Contact us immediately so we can help you with an in-house estimate which will be absolutely gratuitous!

Think a replacement garden window could be right for your home? Contact Shore Windows today for your free in-home estimate!