Sliding Windows

  • Allow more natural light into your home
  • Feature an innovative design with a modern look
  • Durable, easy to use and require minimal maintenance

Sliding Windows


Sliding windows have been used in a lot of household around the world for ages now. These windows have never gone out of fashion till date. The are modern, effective and allow for both – air and sunlight – to enter your home without hindering the safety of your home. They add a hint of pulchritude to your home in a simple yet effective manner which makes the house look lavish without compromising on simplicity.They are easy to use and maintain, thus, giving you a hassle-freetime. A necessity in these types of windows is that they should not add to the already existing chores of the house and can easily be cleaned.However, it is also a fact that due to their continuous movement, sliding window repair is a service that is needed at regular time intervals. Hence, very often, we find ourselves typing in the keywords ‘sliding window repair near me’ to look for services to help with your issue.

2 Lite Slider & Swing & CleanWhat if we tell you that instead of typing these keywords and searching for the right fit to help you with the repair or replacement work, you have a company that can provide you with services? Shore Windows have been a leading company in services for sliding windows. Considering they have this footing in the sliding window service market, whether it is sliding window installation in NJ or sliding window replacement Nj, Shore Windows have you covered. Shore Windows have been providing services in sliding window repair and even provide services for sliding window roller replacement parts or even the sliding window glass replacement, our top-quality services are bound to free you from the trouble.

Shore Windows specializes in services for sliding window replacement parts as well. At Shore Windows, we help you with replacing your old sliding windows and their parts with newer ones. Whether it is a verticalslidingwindow repair, sliding window track replacement or a horizontal sliding window repair, Shore Windows provides you with the services you require with respect to your sliding window repair. Apart from this, Shore Windows always make it a point to provide you with best quality, cost effective and valuable services which will add on to the overall value of your property as well as take the outlook of the windows installed in your house one step closer to completely mesmerizing. The sliding window repair undertaken by us is always a combination of beauty and superbly engineered window with their functions covering all aspects – security through reinforced metal strength, proper insulation, protection against bad weather conditions as well as features to equip the sliding window with luster and a long life.

Shore Windows has been a leading company in the sector for sliding window installation in NJ. Two types of sliding window repair services as well as sliding window glass door replacement services that Shore Windows provide their clientele with are given below along with their features and also the technicalities that goes into these services.

  1. 2 Lite Slider and Swing and Clean
  The 2 Liter Slider Swing and Clean are the perfect option to provide your home with an added elegance both, internally and externally. The windows have a sleek design that is bound to make your sliding window repair look like a special piece of art. The sashes are easily accessible from outside and inside, alike. The windows come with a wide range of designs and upgrade options too.  
  • Features
  • Sashes and mainframes are fusion welded which ensures an added rigidity and sturdiness to your windows.
  • To make sure that dust and dirt particles are kept out, the windows have been fitted with a weatherstripping which is triple-barrier.
  • The lock fitted on the windows is EasyGrip to make locking them easy.
  • In order to aid in easy cleaning of the sash locks, they have been secured with glide/pivot shoes solely made for this function.
  In addition to this, Shore Windows also takes full care of the technicalities.
  • Technicalities
  • Insulating air spaces for an increased thermal efficiency are created with the help of sashes and mainframes which are multi-chambered.
  • The sashes are made with the help of virgin vinyl which do not peel, chip or crack. An added component, PVC powder, helps in ensuring that the color is formulated and the luster of the windows last long – you will need another sliding glass window repair anytime soon.
  • The pivot/glide shoe that has been installed in the windows ensure that when opened for cleaning, the sash is locked in position when opened beyond 4 degrees.
  • A tight seal is created against infiltration with the help of an interlock where the sashes meet with the rails of the window.
  • Helping you avoid sliding glass window repair is the presence of an insulated glass unit that gives a great year-round performance.
  • The Water Edge Spacer system installed in the windows helps in maximizing the performance and life of the windows – giving them longevity.
  • Sashes swing in easily with the help of the sash lock fitted inside the windows.
  • Ventilation is ensured while also keeping the insects out is provided by half or even full fiberglass screen.
  • Strength is added to rails through metal reinforcement.
  • In order to ensure provide ventilation without compromising on opening the window beyond an extent, ventilator locks have been installed in the windows.
  1. 3 Lite Slider and Swing and Clean
  Shore Windows understand that when building a house, a lot of efforts and skill is put into use. Hence, we provide you with an opportunity to upgrade the look and beauty of your house when undertaking sliding window repair. The 3 Lite Slider and Swing and Clean windows from Pella put forward a design that is crisp and cleanto accentuate the architecture and beauty of your home while also putting in place windows that are an ease of maintenance.  
  • Features
  • Sturdiness is added through metal through the method of fusion-welding
  • Triple-barriers installed in the windows help in keeping the elements,like dirt and dust particles, from coming in the house. This, further, helps in keeping your house clean.
  • Ease of swinging sash is attained with the help of the locks that have been installed in the window
  • Sashes are secured for cleaning and other work with the help of pivots shoe which lock in a place
  • Technicalities
  • The multi-chambered mainframe installed in the sashes makes it possible to create insulation air-spaces.
  • Non-chipping, non-peeling and non-cracking windows ensured by the usage of virgin-vinyl mainframes. They are made solid as well as tough with the help of PVC powder which also helps in warranting that they do not lose their luster or beauty quickly, thus, delaying the requirement for sliding window repair.
  • Glass units have been insulated adding to the year-round performance of the windows – the windows will provide an added warmth to your home even if the weather outside is windy or too cold.
  • The sashes have the ability to lock in position when the window is opened beyond 4 degrees, thus, preventing the window from moving further which helps in easingthe cleaning of these windows.
  • Sashes can swing in easily with the help of sash lock named EasyGrip.
  • There is an added security and also comfort as the function of the sashes to interlock where they meet the rails leads to the creation of a tight seal.
  • The glass utilized in the windows is insulated, that is, it prevents the loss of heat, and also has an optimal air space.
  • The windows are fitted with spacer system especially designed to maximize longevity and performance.
  • The wall is made tough and extra thick with the help of metal reinforcement. They are made keeping in mind that they have to be rigid and strong – two qualities that they do have.
  • Between the jamb and the sash, there is anexistence of a triple-barrier weather-stripping which provides an added protection as well as added stability against infiltration of air and water.
  Apart from this, both, 2 Lite Slider and Swing and Cleaner as well as 3 Liter Slider and Swing and Cleaner, are covered under Limited Lifetime Warranty by Shore Windows as a result of which you will not have to worry about sliding window repair parts again.The services provided by Shore Windows are economical and we ensure that they are rightly priced so you do not have to worry about the sliding window repair cost or even the sliding glass window replacement cost. The windows installed, replaced or repaired by Shore Windows are durable and are always a mark of the quality we strive to provide.   If you think that your sliding window needs repair, requires replacement or if you have to install new sliding glass windows – think of Shore Windows. Contact us today to learn more about the services we are providing!

To find out more about our superior sliding windows, contact Shore Windows of New Jersey today!